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Time Clock Software Helps Win Clients? helps Scott earn and keep new clients

Time Clock Software - more useful than ever

Have you ever considered that can help you win more clients? When most people think of time tracking software they are looking for a solution to controlling labor costs, increasing staff accountability and accurately tracking employee hours. But one client takes time clock software to a whole new level to help him win new business!
Scott's Sales Hack!

Scott F. of The Office Professionals in Boise, ID uses in every sales presentation. His potential clients love the fact he incorporates it into his cleaning company's day to day operations. Scott says "Clients appreciate the fact I keep close tabs on my staff, the no-show alert feature and that I always knows they are working their full shift. cleaning software has definitely helped me win new accounts."

Why it Helps
Scott goes on to report that "customers are sick of unprofessional companies that ultimately have no control over their staff, no idea when they show up and no idea how long they are there to clean." And of course is there to help once Scott wins his new client. helps Scott grow his business and we're proud to be a great partner to The Office Professionals!
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