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GPS records save one client $1500!

ExecVS to the rescue!
Cleaning business owner Cheryl H. was able to use to help her deal with a tricky request from a client. Her company has cleaned a high-end salon in New York City since January of 2017. In September the salon changed general managers. Any cleaning business owner knows that's always a tricky time in a client relationship.
Can you believe it?

The new general manager sent Cheryl a request for a refund equal to 25% of the total billings since this past MARCH! The new GM claimed Cheryl's staff hadn't shown up on multiple dates and wanted a refund of more than $1500. It sounds crazy but you know anything is possible in this business!
ExecVS steps up!

Fortunately for Cheryl she was able to pull up her time clock software portal and show her client the exact days and times her staff clocked in and out of the salon. Accurate GPS tracking software proved her staff was on-site exactly when Cheryl said they were.
Case closed and refund denied. You can be sure Cheryl was never more sure that $30/month was a great investment for her business!
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