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    Time Clock Software for $30 per Month

  • Why Use Time Tracking Software

    Because it saves you TIME and MONEY.

    Track Employees

    Monitor Employees

    GPS & Landline Clcokings

    Always know where your workforce is.

    Save Money

    Avoid Overpaying

    Increase Profit

    Get accurate hourly totals - no overclocking.

    Improve Retention

    Sell More Business

    Make Happier Customers

    Avoid no-shows - never get an angry call again.

    Run Payroll

    Stay Organized

    Quickly Run Payroll

    See hourly totals per location and employee.

  • Testimonials

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    David R. - Brooklyn

    “Before EVS I had to rely on my worker’s texting me when they arrived or left a job. I never knew if they were actually staying the whole time. Now I know 100%. My customers are happier and I’m not paying workers for work that doesn’t get done!”

    Steve Cramer - New Jersey

    “I love the email notification system. If I don’t see that check-in alert at a site I know to call my staff and find out what’s going on. No more angry customer calls in the morning reporting a no-show. I now have the information that night and can make backup plans”

    Julio - Dallas

    “Best money I ever spent. EVS is an investment for my business – not an expense. I can sleep easier at night knowing my clients are getting cleaned.”

    Manuel P. - Chicago

    “I found out real quick that my workers were short-shifting me. I’m saving money on payroll and my clients have noticed the improvements in service quality”

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