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Cleaning Software Saves Money

Time Clock Software to Save Money


When asked about his experience with, James Broderick has a quick and straightforward response. "I love it. I love it. I love it." James started his Virginia-based cleaning business in February and already cleans over 20 sites. His company, Valor Services, is growing quickly and ExecVS came along at a perfect time for his needs.

"We looked into a number of other solutions including physical time-clocks and other websites. They were just too expensive. I hire people that I trust but as my company continues to grow I know relying on text messages just isn't practical. That's where ExecVS cleaning software is really helping my business" James says.

James prefers the ExecVS GPS employee tracking check-in method for his staff and says they love how easy and quick it is to use. He also loves the reduced stress that comes along with knowing his staff is on-site and staying for their full shifts.


Perhaps the biggest benefit James has seen is in saving money through reduced labor costs. James used to pay his employees a flat rate to clean a site, which included extra for drive time. With ExecVS James now knows exactly how long his employees stay on-site to clean. It has allowed him to reduce his payroll expense because he understands he was overpaying for their time. James was pleasantly surprised at his staff's reaction. "My employees actually benefit from this. I can now give them additional sites to clean each night because I know when they will be finished at the first site. I save money per site and they get additional work. Everyone wins."


James can't wait to see where his business goes next. ExecVS time clock software will allow him to continue to grow his company because he is more confident the work is being performed. It has made his business more efficient and allowed him to scale.

James says "I think every cleaning company in the world should use" We couldn't agree more.