• The $30 a month Time Tracking Software

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  • What is Time Tracking Software?

    It automates your employee clocking and timekeeping

    Clock in

    GPS & Landline

    Clock In / Out

    Employees call in via a landline OR use their phone's GPS.



    Takes ~10 seconds

    Employees enter a unique employee #.

    Email alerts

    Real-Time Alerts

    You Get an Email

    E.V.S sends email alerts in real-time.

    Payroll Reports


    Track Everything

    E.V.S stores all info by worker and location.

  • How does E.V.S help me?

    E.V.S immediately makes your staff accountable.

    Saves money.

    A worker leaving 10 minutes early means he's overpaid by $50 / month. That's $500 of overages per month for a team of 10!

    Prevents no-shows.

    No-show alerts give you peace of mind. Never again be blind sided by a no-show or angry customer call the next day.

    Saves Time.

    Payroll can be tedious. EVS reports allow you to create time cards and have them automatically sent to your employees.

  • Both take about 10 seconds.


    Have employees call from the on-premise landline.


    Have employees clock in via their phone's GPS here.

  • No Apps, No geo-fences, No opt-ins.

    Workers clock in from this page..

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    ...using their phone's browser - that's it.

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