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Why we created ExecVS

Cleaning time clock software from a cleaning company owner

Why we created ExecVS?
As the owner of a cleaning company, I certainly understand the challenges associated with managing staff across multiple locations. As my business grew it became impossible to truly monitor every person at every site. Folks were showing up late, leaving shifts early or not showing up at all! This was impacting my ability to properly service customers and costing me time and money. I looked around at various solutions but found that many started cheap and became very expensive if I wanted basic features and as my team grew. So, I thought I could create a cleaning company time clock software that would help my business in multiple ways.
ExecVS saves me money in two ways. I no longer overpay workers for leaving early. When staff leaves a shift early it is STEALING from their employer. My labor expense has dropped at almost every single client. Where I used to pay someone for 3 or 4 hours I now understand they don't need that long to properly clean the account. So, my payroll is less. Our client James has had a similar experience I also save TIME each week and every business owner understands that TIME IS MONEY. Instead of paper timesheets (that are probably fudged!), text messages and the "honor system" I now have all my employees' shifts recorded for me in the ExecVS report tool. This means payroll takes a few minutes, not hours and hours of my week.
I used to spend countless hours worrying that my team was showing up to a site and completing the job properly. I'd even worry about my staff members that had been with me for years and who I totally trusted. ExecVS has a free email alert system. Each time someone shows up I receive an email. When they clock out I receive an email. And the Scheduling feature means if they don't show up on time I get an email. I know this helps our client Karen sleep better at night Now that my business is large enough to have supervisors I can choose to have the emails go to them instead of me, but it's still nice to have confirmation our team is performing on-time and to our standards.
We take a lot of pride in how simple ExecVS is. Not just simple for the client, but also simple for their staff. Clocking in and out takes less than 5 seconds so employees don't have much to complain about! But we also recognize that as our customers' businesses grow they need more complex solutions. That's why we're constantly rolling out new features but keeping the price affordable. GPS, custom payroll reports, scheduling and alerts are all things our competitors upcharge for. Not to mention increasing costs every time you add a new team member! At ExecVS we are happy to provide a cost-effective, comprehensive product at a great value. We look forward to getting to know your business and learning how we can help your company grow.

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