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EverGreen Facility Services Loves

Karen Denton is the proud owner of EverGreen Facility Services in Duquesne, PA. She signed up for ExecVS and couldn't be happier. "I love how it holds my people accountable and saves me time as the owner." Karen was also impressed with how simple it was to roll out ExecVS to her staff. "I didn't have to even meet with them in person. I was able to explain to them over the phone and now everyone loves how easy it is to use."


Since ExecVS automatically tracks her employee hours and location, Karen has more time to work on customer retention. "ExecVS helped me realize a few of my employees were leaving jobs earlier than scheduled. I now have more time to create specific cleaning checklists for those sites so the worker has a better idea of exactly what should be done each visit. I know this will help me keep clients happy."


Karen is also saving money since adopting ExecVS. She has better insight into how long her employees stay on site and has been able to save labor expense at every one of her clients. That means more money in Karen's pocket.


"I love getting those ExecVS email alerts when my people show up to a site. I know exactly when they get there and how long they stay. That's huge for me as the owner" Karen says. Learn more about Karen here:

We're glad to hear ExecVS is helping Karen's business. How can we help yours?

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